The Specialty Vetpath Alliance

SpecialtyVETPATH has joined forces with Dr. Chris Reilly (formerly of Insight Veterinary Specialty Pathology) to bring our clients the best in veterinary pathology. Partnering allows us to provide our high quality pathology to more clinicians, clinics, and patients. In addition, The Alliance offers a variety of content and opportunities  to veterinary clinicians, pathologists, trainees, and staff – including virtual workshops, technical staff training modules, in-person wetlabs and social events, and more! Check out svpalliance.com for more information and membership options, or contact us at info@svpalliance.com to discuss team membership options for your practice! 

SpecialtyVETPATH is utilizing our experienced laboratory staff to provide sample processing and administrative assistance for the Alliance, allowing affiliated services to grow and serve more patients. Finding a laboratory for sample processing is one of many challenges that independent pathology services face, so offering our quality services can lower that barrier. The Alliance is also dedicated to growing and supporting new independent services. 

The Alliance is also dedicated to education for everyone involved in the patient’s care: clinicians, laboratory staff, clinic staff, and practice owners. We are developing continuing education materials, training courses, free downloads, fellowships, research partnerships, and more. Pathology should not be a black box, completely separated from the patient and clinician. 

We are challenging the current corporate model of pathology that can value speed and quotas over quality diagnostics, and often restricts how pathologists can practice. Our model encourages work-life balance, high quality diagnostics, and integration with the clinical team. 

We are very excited to share this Alliance with the veterinary world, and truly believe that this is the best way to support independent pathology services and improve the clinical-pathologic relationship for all involved!

The Alliance was co-founded with Dr. Cindy Bell of Specialty Oral Pathology for Animals. Please visit sopforanimals.com for information about submitting oral pathology specimens. 

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