Ashley, a 12 year old female spayed Domestic short hair (DSH) cat was referred to a veterinary dermatologist for a severe, persistent (almost 1 year), and progressive skin lesion on her face and nose. Ashley was pruritic (itchy) and had to wear an E-collar at all times to prevent her from further self-trauma.

Dr. Ward evaluated the biopsy from Ashley’s nose and found lesions and intranuclear viral inclusions characteristic of herpes virus infection. The keratinocytes (cells that make up the epidermis of the skin) are enlarged and contain glassy, smudged faintly basophilic inclusions within the nuclei. There is substantial eosinophilic inflammation within the dermis and necrosis of the epidermis and follicular epithelium.

Following a diagnosis of feline herpesviral ulcerative dermatitis, Ashley received the appropriate anti-viral therapy and improved dramatically! Ashley’s face and nose lesions improved and her hair began to grow back. No more itchiness and E-collar!