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  1. Please ship biopsies in the smallest possible container that is appropriate for the size of tissue (the appropriate tissue to formalin ratio is 1:10). Please be sure all containers are clearly labeled with patient name and sample source.
  2. Double Ziploc-bag the containers and place a paper towel or other absorbent material in the primary bag in case of leakage.
  3. Samples from different patients should be placed in individual primary bags with absorbent material, and then combined in the 2nd final Ziploc bag with test request forms.
  4. If the specimens will fit in a FedEx envelope, place in one of the provided padded mailers for added protection.
  5. Place all samples in a single shipping package. 5-8 small biopsy jars (7 ml), 4-6 med (20 ml) and containers can be shipped in a FedEx Envelope. If shipping larger containers or large numbers of small containers, select the smallest provided box that will accommodate all samples.

If you need to submit a large sample such as an entire organ or limb, please keep the organ fresh and place in a Ziplock bag and then place within another Ziplock bag. Please place absorbent material in the 2nd Ziplock bag to capture any fluid that may leak from the first baggie into the second baggie. Please then place the organ into a Styrofoam cooler large enough to accommodate 1 large ice pack or 2 small ice packs and the organ but not large enough that the contents can move around much. Ship this cooler in a box that fits it very closely (to keep your cost down). If you would like to submit a limb, please follow the same instructions written above, only use two garbage bags to place the limb in and then place inside a cooler.If the limb is a very large one, you may need to invest in a large cooler that these can be shipped in and then returned.



  1. Please label each slide with a pencil only and place the slides in plastic slide carrier.
  2. Place slide carrier(s) in a sealed Ziplock bag with the test request form.
  3. Place in bubble wrap (if using a box) or a padded mailer (if using FedEx envelope).
  4. Place in the appropriate shipping packaging. If shipping only slides, or slides + micro cases or/and small biopsies (7 ml and/or 20 ml), us e a FedEx envelope. If the envelope is too small to accommodate all samples, select the smallest size box that will suffice.

NOTE: Fluid samples for cytopathology must be shipped in special insulated mailers with a cold pack – please contact the laboratory if you plan to submit fluid samples for cytopathology and we will provide you with the proper mailers and pricing for submitting these specimens.


Appropriate samples for shipping in the FedEx envelope include:

  • Small sterile tubes
  • 7 ml formalin containers
  • 20 ml formalin containers
  • Slide boxes

If you have any questions about shipping please call the laboratory at 206-453-5691. You will get a real person on the phone, and we will help get your sample on the way quickly, safely and economically.

Please ship samples to the following address:
3450 16th Ave W, Suite 303, Seattle, WA 98119

PH 206 453 5691

Fax 1-206-212-9079


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