Surgical Pathology

The macroscopic examination is fundamental. Expertise in the gross room provides a pathway toward an accurate diagnosis. 


Feline herpesviral ulcerative dermatitis: This is from an ulcerated lesion on a cat’s nose. The predominantly eosinophilic inflammation and presence of intranuclear viral inclusions in epithelial cells are characteristic features of this disease.


Sertoli Cell tumor – This is a testicular tumor that has characteristic pink globular material called Call-Exner bodies.

Avian Reptile Hematology

White Pelican – This is from an injured white pelican and is demonstrating signs of inflammation with the “toxic” and “left shifted” heterophils.


CD20 lymphoma – This is a B cell type lymphoma which is a common type of lymphoma that usually has a better prognosis.


Only a board-certified pathologist can truly speak for your pet through a necropsy- finding answers to bring peace, to educate, and to advance medicine.


Laboratory Services

Services Offered:

Surgical Pathology – diagnosing everything from punch biopsies to mass removals and splenectomies. Our expert prosectors get the best possible samples to the pathologists for accurate diagnoses.

Dermatopathology – Dr Ward and Dr Trainor specialize in dermatopathology, providing their expertise on complex samples. 

Cytopathology – fast and accurate results for fluid and slide samples. Cytology samples are reported out the day they are received. We can also provide complete bone marrow evaluations.

Immunochemistry – a wide variety of diagnostic markers available based on pathologist recommendation, and reported with interpretation and guidance.

Avian and Reptile Hematology – Dr Black is an expert in avian and reptile samples.

Necropsy –Necropsies done by a trained pathologist are the best way to get answers about your pet. We are also contracted with a cremation service, so your pet can be cremated and returned to you. 


A copy of our current schedule of services and fees is available by contacting the lab via email at, phone at (206) 453-5691, or by using the “Contact Us” button below. 

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