SVP can assist you with your research.

In addition to veterinary diagnostic services, we provide pathology expertise in biomedical and translational research for the enhancement of human and animal health. We are happy to assist you in your research endeavors, from study design to analysis to manuscript preparation. Our prosectors and histotechnicians are here to assist you with your technical needs, from gross dissection to tissue processing, microtomy, slide staining and novel histotechnology. Collectively, the pathologists at SpecialtyVETPATH have experience in clinical and anatomic pathology from a wide array of species, including laboratory and aquatic animals. We also have experience and expertise to provide assistance with immunohistochemical studies including antibody selection, optimization, validation and interpretation.

SpecialtyVETPATH also offers technical training. We will train technicians, post docs or student assistants to perform IHC staining, microtomy, or other techniques in our well-equipped, modern lab facility. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will design a training schedule and curriculum to fit your project.

Research Sample Processing Fee Schedule (large studies: >50 blocks, please call for quote.)

Service Unit Price
Immunohistochemistry Staining

1-10  slides

11-20 slides


$50.00 / slide

$40.00 / slide

$30.00 / slide

Antibody optimization (antibody provided by investigator) Per antibody $200 – $500.00 per antibody
TMA control (3-6 cores) slide $15-$25 (isotype control = $20)
TMA design block Please contact us.
Tissue processing / paraffin embedding block $10.00
Tissue trimming block $10.00
Paraffin sectioning slide $10.00
Frozen section / cryostat OCT blocks provided by client $10.00 / slide
Stain H&E slide $15.00
Special stains slide $17.00 (positive control provided)
Tech training (Staining, microtomy) Hourly or flat fee Please contact us.


Research Services

Service A la carte Collaborator Retainer
Study design consultations Hourly Included
Literature search, review and summary Hourly Included
Manuscript review Hourly Included
Email/phone communications Hourly Included
Meetings Hourly Included
Photomicrographs Hourly (+ license release fee if required) Included
Clinical pathology results consultation and data set review Hourly May be included or hourly, as per agreement
Pathologist interpretation of cytopathology, immunocytochemistry, histopathology and immunohistochemistry slides Hourly May be included or hourly, as per agreement
Necropsy – gross and microscopic Flat fee per animal or group May be included or billed at flat fee, as per agreement
Assay development, optimization, and validation studies Hourly or flat fee Not included – hourly or flat fee


For more information about Research Collaboration and Support Services offered by SpecialtyVETPATH, or to request a tailored Collaborator Retainer plan for your study, please contact us at 206-453-5691 or


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