As part of our growing menu of services for non-mammalian patients, we now offer full CBCs and blood film review for avian and reptile species. The automated analyzers used to obtain cell counts in mammalian blood cannot currently provide the same information for avian and reptile species due to their unique blood cells. SpecialtyVETPATH understands that these species require a more detailed manual evaluation and applies an individual approach to each case.  Whether they be pets, zoo animals, or wildlife, these species require veterinarians, including pathologists, to be their strongest advocates.  At SVP, we strive to provide the best quality laboratory services for all species.

Cryptococcus NeoformansWEBCryptococcus NeoformansWEB

[LEFT: Blood film. Young barred owl. Intra-erythrocytic Plasmodium spp. (black arrows). Wright-Giemsa stain, 100X oil.]

[RIGHT: Blood film. Green iguana. Regenerative anemia with immature erythrocytes (black arrows) and left-shifted heterophil (blue arrow). Wright-Giemsa stain, 100X oil.]