Alopecia areata 40xWEB

Alopecia areata (H&E 40X)


Superficial necrolytic dermatitis (H&E 10X)

We are currently accepting new clients for our Dermatopathology Service. We welcome submissions from dermatologists and general practitioners. Please contact the laboratory at 206-453-5691 for information on pricing and to establish an account. We look forward to working with you!

Good communication between clinician and pathologist is essential in order to maximize the value of a laboratory consultation, and this is particularly true in the field of dermatopathology. Signalment, gross appearance and distribution of lesions, and clinical history can be invaluable information in interpreting skin biopsies and may allow definitive diagnosis, exclusion or inclusion of specific differential diagnoses, or recommendations for additional diagnostic testing which will lead to definitive diagnosis. Submission of good quality biopsies that are representative of the disease process is also critical. Through appropriate site selection, biopsy of multiple sites, careful biopsy technique, and provision of a thorough clinical history, you will maximize the diagnostic value of your dermatopathology submissions.

Check out our Case of the Month for an example of how appropriate sampling, relevant clinical history, and accurate histopathologic diagnosis led to the successful treatment of a beautiful cat named Ashley.