ethylene glycol canine kidney 20xWEB

Ethylene glycol toxicosis, canine kidney (H&E 20X)

feline pulmonar hypertensionWEB

Feline pulmonary hypertension (H&E 40X)

In spite of advances in medical diagnostic technology, studies in both human and veterinary medicine continue to show significant discrepancies between antemortem diagnosis and postmortem findings in approximately 50% of cases. A thorough post-mortem evaluation allows clinicians to learn as much as possible from difficult cases, and can contribute to our growing understanding of disease processes, factors affecting treatment outcome and prognosis, and possible treatment side-effects. In some cases, pet owners may themselves request necropsies, particularly in cases of unexpected or unexplained death.  

SpecialtyVETPATH offers full necropsy service for companion animals, small farm animals (pygmy goats, mini pigs) as well as avian, herptile, fish, and other non-domestic species.  Please refer to our 2017 Laboratory Manual for our fee schedule and contact the lab with inquiries and questions.