“As is our pathology—so is our practice.” (Sir William Osler)

In its best form, the practice of pathology is grounded solidly in the practice of clinical medicine, and benefits from a functional union of clinicians and pathologists. The surgical pathologist depends on the clinician to provide adequate clinical information accompanying the specimen, good biopsy procedure and submission of case materials, clear communication, and follow-up clinical information when appropriate. The clinician depends on the pathologist to provide a report that is accurate and clinically relevant, to be available for consultation, and also to provide feedback and education regarding the quality and diagnostic value of the submitted samples submitted. Ultimately, it is not the clinician’s nor the pathologist’s interest that is served in this relationship, but rather that of the patient.  This is always our goal at SpecialtyVETPATH.

We offer expertise in Oncopathology, Gastroenteropathology, Neuropathology, and Hepatobiliary, Ophthalmic, and Musculoskeletal Pathology.  Please see below for more information about these specific services.

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We are all on the same team: The patient's.