Laboratory Technician

Elizabeth brings years of laboratory experience to SVP. She worked at Fred Hutchinson Research Center for six years, studying the human gut microbiome, before moving to University of Washington Bothell to study coral and Nematostella vectensis microbiomes for a year as she completed her B.S. During her time at Fred Hutch, she also led a project to design a customized database for sample tracking. She picked up a tiny bit of python programming at UW Bothell. 

She grew up loving biology and medicine, but knew from the beginning that she was not interested in direct patient care. She leaves that to the rest of her family, which includes an MD, PhD/RN, EMT, VMD and future VMD (yes, 2 Penn grads). If she looks a little like a local Seattle vet, that would probably be her mother, Dr Whereat. SVP allows her to do both clinical and research work, in addition to a wide variety of other tasks.  

Outside of the lab she plays ultimate frisbee on a couple of local teams, tries to find some time for reading, and plays with her dogs and any puppies she can get her hands on.


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Photo credit: Kat Overton Photos