Anatomic Pathologist

Dr. Lisa Berman-Booty was born and raised in Massachusetts. She discovered her love for animals as a young child. Whereas most little kids had imaginary friends, Lisa had an imaginary cat (an orange tabby named Danielle. Kids are weird). As a teenager, Lisa much preferred spending her free time reading mystery novels with her cats to hanging out with her fellow teenagers (she still maintains that books and cats are better company than most teenagers). She was drawn to veterinary medicine pretty much as soon as she learned that was a career option and applied to the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate studies with the intention of working and volunteering at the vet school.

As an undergraduate working in a research laboratory at the veterinary school, Lisa learned the “joys” of research and was introduced to the world of veterinary pathology. Lisa graduated with Bachelors of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences in 2004 and then attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. Lisa graduated with her VMD in 2008.

Having realized early on in veterinary school that pursuing the field of pathology would allow her to combine her passion for veterinary medicine and science with her love of mysteries, Lisa enrolled in the combined anatomic pathology residency and PhD program at The Ohio State University immediately after graduation. Lisa performed the work for her thesis in a laboratory that functioned like a miniature pharmaceutical company, allowing her to gain important toxicologic pathology experience and to discover her love for phenotyping genetically engineered mice. Lisa completed her residency with board certification in 2012 and her PhD in 2013.

After graduation, Lisa moved back to Pennsylvania, where she worked in academia for one year and then a pharmaceutical company for four years. Although family events in 2018 dictated that she transition to home-based experimental pathology consulting for a few years, Lisa joined SVP in 2021 as a comparative and toxicologic pathologist and is excited to offer her unique combination of discovery toxicology, research pathology, and mouse phenotyping experience and expertise.

Lisa lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter Meira, dog Molly, and cat Archer. In her free time, she enjoys going on nature walks with her family and is always on the prowl for the next good book to read (she’s a fan of mysteries, suspense, and historical fiction but is open to all recommendations).