SVP does more than go green

Sustainability is usually defined as the ability to support and maintain something. Sustainability is frequently discussed in terms of the environment, that narrow focus is not good for business and people. Limiting the discussion around sustainability to environmental impact does not  

SVP has 3 realms of sustainability that we focus on:  

1. Collegues

We create sustainable relationships with our colleagues in practice by focusing on making our connection mutually beneficial, and deeper than basic fee-for-service. We want to help our clients to grow their business and provide amazing patient care. We do this by providing high quality pathology, immunochemistry, and special stains, with a quick turnaround time. We are accessible to our clients – the phones are answered by technicians, and the pathologists are happy to talk through a case and provide further insight. We provide education to improve in-house diagnostic testing, allowing clients to get results even faster.

2. Coworkers

We want to create sustainable relationships with each other in the lab. We do this by having clear conversations about how to deal with conflict, including how to avoid triangulation. We have events where we enjoy spending time with each other, building friendships that facilitate better lab work. We hold each other accountable, forgive each other, and own our mistakes. We create opportunities for people to play to their strengths, and we value collaboration. 

3. Planet

The medical field generates a huge amount of waste, and we are no exception. However, we have come up with a bunch of ways to reduce our impact on the planet. We reduce our chemical waste generation through the solvent recycler and the special filters. We reuse packing materials, and provide our clients with gently used materials. You can learn more about our efforts by clicking here

Sustainability for us is a much broader concept than just the environmental impact. Focusing strictly on environmental impact and neglecting these other areas will harm your business in the long term. You can be the most environmentally friendly lab possible, but without samples coming in, and a good team, your business will not last long. 


We are all on the same team:

Team Patient


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