High Quality Medicine Needs High Quality Pathology

As is our pathology, so is our practice – William Osler 

SpecialtyVETPATH is passionate about changing the
relationship between practitioner and lab.


SVP is a relationship-based, pathologist-directed, client-focused veterinary laboratory. Our connection with our clients and their patients are the primary focus and foundation of who we are. We are loyalists- with a focus on cultivating and nurturing a long-term relationship with your team. Our pathologists are available to discuss current cases, providing you with the best information to treat your patients.

We care for your patients

SVP’s mission is the antithesis of a quota, volume-based lab, where quantity is often emphasized over quality. We believe that it is possible to provide accurate, high quality diagnoses without sacrificing good turn around time. The samples we receive represent your patient, and we keep this in mind every step along the way.


Working with you

Communication, empathy, efficiency and collaboration are touchstones for re-envisioning pathology practice and what it can do for your patients.  At the core of our work is the immeasurable value of the human/animal bond. Our goal is to support practitioner and pathologist working together to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient. Let’s change the commercial pathology lab narrative.


SVP cares about the sustainability of our relationships with our clients, our coworkers, and our environment. We implement environmentally friendly laboratory practices, and focus on maintaining and building strong, healthy relationships with each other and our clients. Our laboratory is certified by Envirostars, and we are very excited about our new solvent recycler, which allows us to greatly reduce the amount of chemical waste we generate. 

Serving the U.S. and Canada

SVP receives samples from veterinary practices all over the United States, Canada, and beyond. We provide courier service for our local clients, and are often able to provide discounted shipping rates for clients that are not local. 

Pathology is the foundation of medicine